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Sunny at Schiphol

walking on sunshine

sunny 19 °C
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Well I arrived in the Netherlands to sunshine - I have to say this is the first time in or out that it has not been raining at Schipol. Exhausted I did not last very long but I was happy to be home.

Yesterday I went through my mail, by the pharmacy, picked up some new toothpaste, etc - the normally necessary evils of being back! The rest of the fam came around in the afternoon and they were quite happy with their new kites - even if the women did laugh at me for how much I paid (not too much I promise!).


Today I'm off to Bremen - it is supposed to be sunny all weekend so I'm looking forward to enjoying it! Watch out Bremen because here we come.

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Almost 80 days in Beijing

Countdown to my global commute

sunny 36 °C

The last week in Beijing as been a tumultuous one! Loads of planning and sorting what to do when, how, and where! Last week I laid low most of the week and made an appearance on Friday and Saturday nights – I was put to shame with my friends 62 year old mom made it a later night than I did. Sunday I checked out a few art galleries and was inspired – more inspired than I have been in a long time and I’m looking forward to dabbling into my “artistic” no not my “autistic” side when I’m back…just like my travels I have a million ideas of what I want to do.


I’m still a sunshine girl at heart and enjoyed the sunny lawn at the last gallery opening I checked out.

I will hit 3 continents in 3 weeks and make it back to China in 4! It is the nuttiest travel I’ve ever undertaken and will have to let you know how it all works out. It culminates in the wedding of my oldest (not in age thank you very much) girl friend on the 13th of June. I am looking forward to partaking in the wedding festivities for Kaitlin and Mark in San Diego! Plus I’m the maid of honor… yes she has trusted me with those duties!

Between now and then I will visit my old stomping grounds of Bremen and all my friends there. Bremen isn’t going to know what hit it with this load of girls back together – VIVA BREMEN

After that I’m heading to Montreal to let you know how all things Canadian are Eh! It will be my first time visiting my previous neighbor to the north so I will keep you posted because my previous experiences had a lot to do with South Park the movie.

Finally I will return to NL for a bit before once again boarding a plane to China. Looking forward to resting at home for a few days after all this big adventure – and don’t worry I’m already thinking about my next holiday.

Having been in Beijing almost 80 days now I have loads of observations but to start I will give you my top 5 off the cuff -

“Talking” to taxi drivers… I love Beijing and Yao Ming are two good common interests
Street food / Local food – discovering yummy new eats
Meeting new friends in the revolving door of a social scene that is Beijing
Discovering a preference to house music
Living it up Beijing style


I’ve discovered the tastiest thing ever – it is very thin sliced potatoes and they are delicious!!! Pared with a Tsingtao and BBQ corn I’m in 7th heaven… and also dinner tonight.

This might be the last post for a while from Beijing (which was 36 and sunny today - too bad I'm working and not backpacking!) but I will try and put some updates on the next few weeks or who knows I may just be in a city near you!

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It is always when you think it will be an early one

that it really isn't

overcast 26 °C

Arrive back from Sanya Monday night left me a bit tired for the week, and taking one day off work left me with a huge amount of catching up nonetheless the week wore on and I made it to Thursday - promising an early night didn't happen Thursday or Friday...but was loads of fun.

Thursday I went to a wine tasting and the rose was really nice - perfect for a hot spring night. We followed up the wine tasting will dinner which was excellent especially dessert!

Yesterday was a bit crazy to say the least at work and when I came home I almost just decided to stay in but after some good old fashion peer pressure I made it out!


Dinner was another delicious dining experience followed by a bit of clubbing. I danced the night away but managed to tuck myself in before the sun came up!

...another great weekend starts in Beijing.

Off to lunch with my fellow American :)

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What a Birthday

Surprises, Queen's Day, Sanya and more!

sunny 31 °C

Wow what a birthday weekend! I'm tan, relaxed, and a tiny bit tired to be honest. My birthday started off with a surprise office party from my colleagues. So taking a que I decided to start the weekend off right and left work on time - which was a present in itself.

I did a change so quick Batman would be proud and then headed to the Burberry opening here in Beijing. The opening was pretty posh and we walked to white carpet and posed for photographers (HA! too funny I know) not to mention the champagne and new Burberry gift bracelet were very nice touches. Once it was time to move onto the Queen’s Day party we decided to take the fanciest form of transport – cycle rickshaw to the party! And just to class it up a bit we stopped by the Mc. Donald’s and had Big Mac’s on the way!

We arrived at the Queen’s Day party for a night of all things Dutch including my favorite bitterballen! I must admit that the night was not as exciting as we had hoped but we did manage to have a good time, and were all sporting as much orange as we could find and dancing to the best of Dutch party tunes.

Friday morning arrived very early but unlike most Fridays work was not on the agenda; however an early morning flight was taking its place! We arrive in Sanya to rain (for about 3 minutes - but were initially deeply concerned)! The rain was gone and the warm balmy weather engulfed us. Thankfully the weather improved as the weekend wore on and the balmy skies were replaced with sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine!

We spent the days soaking up the sun, swimming, having cocktails, and overall just relaxing. There isn’t too much of a night life but the Rainbow bar was okay for playing pool and the Sky bar was good for watching Russians at their best. Sanya is to Russians what Mallorca is to the Germans! But we didn’t go for the night life we went for the wonderful days at the beach… and that we had plenty of.

The street food was excellent! The best meal I had street wise was the last one – steamed claims and Tiger beer. I also had a delicious Thai post-birthday birthday-dinner compliments of fellow travel buddies Marc and Emile. Also served up street style was the corn-on-the-cob I love – BBQ style and on most corners – nice a spiced up like I like!

Walking around the market and the streets away from the beach I felt like I was back in S.E. Asia – and it left me longing to grab my backpack and toss my cares into the wind! However I will had to settle for laying on the beach, enjoying the sun, beautiful beaches, and checking out a few nice resort pools… tough life I know!

My travel buddies returned to Beijing on Sunday but I had already planed to stay an extra day. I enjoyed the afternoon with some new friends and as the afternoon faded into the early evening it was pretty amazing floating in the South China Sea looking up at the moon! The weekend was capped off by a (small and highly illegal – don’t worry I was just a fascinated spectator) firework display that was spectacular!

Everything just seemed to fall into place and I flew back yesterday calm, relaxed, and happy – and the smile is still on my newly tanned face today.

And now the pictures all compliments of Marc and Emile - will post my own soon :O)
Burberry opening
Sea side lunch
Cocktail hour
Yummy watermelon
Resort view
Dacing the night away
Street food

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Happy Birthday Office Style

To me... and Julia!

sunny 23 °C

My colleagues surprised me with a small party today! What a wonderful way to start celebrating my birthday!


Julia and I - the birthday queens


office b-day


my yummy cake


office b-day


beautiful b-day flowers

...and the celebration continues with a fashion show and then a traditional Queen's Day party here in Beijing! It will be my first time celebrating and what better place to give it a go then Beijing?!?!

Tomorrow I'm off for a long weekend on a tropical island - it is my birthday gift to myself!

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