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what I've always wanted for my birthday...

a trip away

rain 19 °C

And yet I thought that my weekend in Sanya would be the gift I always wanted... but I just received an amazing email from my old colleague that worked I worked with here in China - I gave her something she had never received before and in return her words have given me more than anything I thought I wanted.

Off to bed before I turn into an old pumpkin!

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Extension Granted

a few more weeks in Beijing

semi-overcast 22 °C

Sun is shining and well there really are no birds in our around Beijing but I assume else where in the world they are singing!

My visa extension was granted to I'm going to be here a few more weeks!

Last week was not too eventful socially at least – had some sushi that was excellent and otherwise stayed in. This weekend I enjoyed the sunshine – cycling and lunching outside. My friend Marc and I decided to have an impromptu leftover’s dinner before our evening of KTV (AKA Karaoke). The left over dinner was quite a success and our night of KTV and dancing was way more fun than I thought it would be. Yes we sounded horrible and I was leading the pack in this category but it was tons of fun! We did a bit of booty wigglin’ and then called it a night.

Sunday was for lazy lunches and enjoying the sun…eating yummy veggie Chinese food and not getting a massage even though I tried :)

It was free beer night at this Belgian Bar Monday... it was really strange because there were old pictures of Antwerp every where - it made me think of my old home and I must say I did miss it... who wouldn't it is a wonderful city! Nonetheless given that it was a Monday it was an early night!

Today there was a pre-Queen's day party at the Embassy but unfortunatly I had to work late... :(

Alright next on the list pics from KTV night and a Queen's Day party Beijing style (yes after four years in Europe I'm finally celebrating Queen's day!) OH and my birthday of course!

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You asked I deliver

random pics from the last two weeks

overcast 21 °C


As you can see I'm alive and well! This is a bit of a random assortment but I thought they captured the good times so far in China the last few weeks.

This week was a bit of a tough one but it is finally Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Although I would have to say the highlight of the week as my steak dinner - it was the best I think I've ever had...but Nepal and Sweden give this a run for the money!

I'm looking forward to relaxing weekend, Thai food with some friends tonight, maybe a cycle trip tomorrow and a BBQ in the afternoon...brunch Sunday who know's I don't know if there is enough time (guess the reference :) )!

More pics and updates later this weekend!

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And the weeks go on

6 weeks in Beijing

22 °C

I know I mentioned before that time goes faster here in Beijing but it still strikes me as amazing that 6 weeks have passed. I’ve been given a short extension on my current project so now I will leave in the middle of May. This is great for a few reasons. 1. Now I won't have to fly back on my b-day as scheduled, 2. I had an excuse to go shopping and pick up some spring clothes (which I couldn't justify without staying here a few more weeks) 3. Some more time to enjoy Beijing and ensure my projects are going well at work!

Will keep you posted on what comes next - I will have that sorted more then likely by the end of the week!

Thursday I had dinner with colleagues and a drink a gay night but it was an early night like the rest of the week – this girl needs her beauty sleep:)

Friday Marc and I went to see this DJ at this amazing club here in Beijing. I think it is the best club I’ve ever been to- there was literally nothing not to love. Wow and did I dance it up – good times, good times!

Yesterday we had a shopping / cycling/ art district (798) / lunching / fashion fun filled day. I must have cycled at least 30 kilometres in total but it was all in the name of fun and fashion and my friends getting new wheels of their own. We ended with the girls chatting it up at my girlfriends house and then cycling home in the Beijing night – cycling in Beijing at night is so much fun – thrilling, exciting, and a bit dangerous!

This afternoon I’ve organized a picnic in the park – it didn’t start as an Easter picnic but that is what it will be and it should be lots of fun. I only hope that the sunshine comes out and this haze clears up…

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Opening night

on a Tuesday?

sunny 25 °C

Tuesday was opening night for this new Swarovski collection - it was a bit over the top for my taste but there was a nice bag or too. Mostly it was very posh and above it but it was nice to see how the other half live. We took some pictures outside and I will get those posted as soon as I get them. We decided to duck out early (Tuesday is not the day to make it late!) and had some Chinese across the street - I must say the place looked a bit dodgy and my tummy had to agree... always trust your gut instinct :)

Yesterday I had a little cycle adventure when I got home from work - just wanted to get some exercise and a brief 40 cycle ride was just what I wanted. I tucked into bed so early I won't admit and it was wonderful.

It feels like Wednesday but it actually Friday Eve and that is pretty cool!

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