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getting behind is easy catching up is hard!

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This weekend (18th-19th July) was all about making up for the previous (11th-12th) weekend’s Beijing Belly which kept me from enjoying the summer food and fun! Be aware that to date I have never experienced anything as bad as Beijing Belly, not Cambo belly, TJ belly or even Delhi Belly could compare!

I started the weekend with a mellow Friday night at home and ended it with happy-hour with a girl friend. The Beijing weekend sandwich featured, cycling on my new wheels, the Lama temple, Hou-hoi, lunching, brunching and massage!

Saturday started of with a yummy frappachino – sometimes you just have to cave-in and indulge. With my coffee inducted bargaining spirit I engaged in some tough negotiations for new wheels – after the obligatory back-and-forth, threatening to leave, and wanting a basket thrown in I cycled away feeling that I might have actually gotten a pretty good deal. Next we were on to the Lama Temple and lunch at the Vineyard. It is very hard to find an ounce of spirituality in Beijing and walking through the Lama Temple did not leave me with tranquil pious feeling that roaming through even a small make shift temple in Lao did but it was interesting to see the Chinese influence I saw in Nepal ,stemming form the design and art here. Ready for lunch we headed to the Vineyard tucked away in a nearby hutong. I’ve heard mixed reviews but I enjoyed my salad, tapas and a taste of my friend’s burger and topped it all off with a nice glass of processo.

We made our way to Hoi-hoi next and enjoyed wondering around the Chinese tourist area. Of course I sampled the spicy BBQ corn (which was extremely spicy and maybe not the best idea in 35 degree heat if you don’t want to sweet like a _________ multiple choice fill in whatever you prefer). I really ejnoy wondering around the small streets, popping into the small shops full of anything and everything finally stopping to enjoy the terrace over the water and sipping a Tsingtao was the only way to stay cool.

As we cycled back I was more than content with my new bracelet, which I subsequently dropped in my bathroom and shattered that evening, wooden fan (still intact), and post-cards. It was then I decided that it was time to get dressed up and head out. I clean up fairly well and more importantly quite quickly – fresh and in my LBD I headed for drinks with a friend, it was great to catch up after more than 2 months and enjoy the hot summer night. We kept it low key but it was great to get out in this fun city.


Make sure not to burn your film - that could a.get stinky and b.not capture the shots that your not allowed to take

Sunday oh lazy Sunday – where better to be lazy than Beijing? Late brunch at a not so spectacular restaurant, coffee at the local haunt, ice cream, onto a massage, happy hour and finally back home. It sounds productive like I accomplished something when I list them like that and want to know a secret? I did because I was relaxed and ready for work this morning – no case of the Mondays what so ever!

Fast forward through another gruelling work week to the weekend of the 25th & 26th. We started the weekend off right with a picnic at my girl friends apartment enjoying the best of what left-overs our respective fridges had to offer. Saturday I played apprentice to a friend who is a chef, assisting in a catering job. Although mostly plating with the occasional chopping assignment – I really enjoyed myself. She thanked me with some nice drinks on the terrace. Sunday the girls enjoyed an Ethiopian lunch with coffee – I don’t know if it was the way the brewed the coffee or the beans themselves but Starbucks had nothing on it! We cycle around for a while and called it a day. It was a great weekend but I don’t even think I blinked and it was over!


This week was another long one so I decided to treat myself compliments of my friends b-day and take Friday off. This didn’t prove to be the relaxing day I had planned for since my bank card got blocked and all the nice relaxing plans I had went out the window – major bummer. I spent the afternoon getting that straightened out, but for as international as the Netherlands is their banking system is not so international friendly.

Thankfully my friends came around for dinner last night giving me the chance to unwind and prepare some nice food to eat – lounging on the couch eating Mexican, enjoying a glass of rose; not a bad way to end a not so nice day off.

Today is for catching up on the blog, reading, relaxing…the usual. Tonight going to check out a new (to us) roof top bar and then cycle to the Wangfujing night market – I’m looking forward to the market…I’ve been to a few in various countries and so far Thailand has the most…interesting for lack of a better word – we will see what China has to offer.

Floods near the office (take from the car)

Beijing weekend

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